Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minecraft Party

My son is totally obsessed with the Minecraft game!
So, a few months ago I started combing Pinterest and the Internet for any and all ideas. Here is what I came up with for his 11th birthday party.
Hope you enjoy!

The Invite:
I made 40+ of these little buggers! They got mixed up while getting passed out...if I had to do it over again, I'd mail them pre-cut and have the kids put them together themselves!

On-Time Activity: Minecraft Masks
I had some large tagboard squares and a billion cut up pieces of construction paper. The kids all made a Minecraft Skin-a Pixelation of themselves so they could enter the Minecraft Party World!
They did an amazing job, too!

 I ordered the stone wall backdrop from Oriental Trading and made the Birthday banner myself.

Minecraft Tutorial: (For those that weren't familiar with it)


Get Wood!
I totally ran out of time and energy! So my games were very basic. We had the party at a large pavillion and the party tables and food were on one side, games and things on the other. We strewed wooden craft sticks on the floor. The kids had to go collect 3 little sticks and 2 big ones (we skipped a few crafting steps, I know!)

After the "wood" was collected, the kids had to CRAFT a pick axe and their chest (inventory bag/goodie bag).

Chests/Goodie Bags

Pick Axe

Next we had to mine for ORE... (crumpled up foil)
and craft an IRON pick axe!

Then we had a great game of Musical Minecraft!

We played Minecraft Parody Songs. The kids had to make sure they were standing on a block when the music stopped and the ones that got "out" got to pick the next song!

Time to Mine!
For this I used several small blocks scattered around the floor of the pavillion. After the kids collected the blocks, they came over to the crafting table and looked at the prizes. They had to see what was needed to craft the prize and use those blocks. It got very complicated and I ended up letting them just grab the prizes they wanted (one of each only!*)

Prizes included: Minecraft Stickers, Printable Foldables, Trading Cards, "Diamonds", Gold Coins, and Twizzlers TNT.

Time for the Food...My Favorite Part!

Here's what we had:

And the cake...


 A very happy birthday boy!

After food...presents and then...CREEPER attack!

(you can see the Creeper better in the blog title picture at the top)

Candy packets were inside: Starbursts and Caramels. (Also pictured are the TNT candy prize bags)

Closing Activity: Minecraft Song Videos and Dancing

I hope you liked our party!
 I used a lot of ideas from Megan over at Choose Awesome.
Check out her Minecraft Party here!

*Leave some comments if you enjoyed! ;)
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